Wednesday, February 11, 2009

North Bay Jan 31st 2009 40k Tournament

After 4 rounds of play the winners were:

Best Overall: Will/Ottawa/OrksBest
Sportsman: Darby/Ottawa/Eldar
Best General: Dave/Parry Sound/Daemons
Best Presented: Mike/North Bay/Tyranids

Here are the standings based on overall score:
  1. Will
  2. Dave
  3. Andrew
  4. Darby
  5. Vlad
  6. Ian
  7. Scott
  8. Mike
  9. Rob S
  10. Adam
  11. Jayson
  12. Rob M

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why Ulthwe Eldar?

Well I've never been asked this very often but I would like to make mention of it as I start this little blog. Why did I choose the Ulthwe craftworld. I would have to say for three reasons, Guardians, Farseers/Warlocks and the fluff.

First off why so I like Guardians? Well to put it simply they are just your typical civilian fighting for their home. Something I think I can relate to more then a six foot Space Marine.

Why do I like Farseer and Warlocks? I think it has to do with the fact that they are like wizards. When I used to play D&D back in the day that’s one of the only classes I would play. If I can stay on D&D for a moment I also used to play elves exclusively, so I guess that may be another reason for the soft spot I have for these space elves.

So on to the fluff, Ulthwe is by no means a safe place like most of the other craftworlds save perhaps a few. It’s not just a small population that threatens these Eldar but the very fact that they are on the edge of what’s called the Eye of Terror. Most of the back story mentions that the reason for Ulthwe having so many great psykers is because of the close proximity to this warp space rupture.

So in a nutshell that’s basically why I like Ulthwe, the colours and Egyptian eye are also reason I enjoy this army but I could really go on for a long while about why I like this specific group of Eldar. Mind you recently I am developing a real love for speedy units so maybe a change towards Saim-Hann could be in the future, but who really knows.

So in closing remember “Their firepower is matched only by their arrogance.”