Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eldar Musician's

Hey all, I picked up some Eldar musician's at the Game Summit this summer. I'm thinking about how to use them in game. I've had suggestions of running them as harlequin, I've thought about warlocks with my Bone Singer. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

World Wargamer Community has Ventrilo!

Hey guys, Fox here from Eldar Tactics. I found this thought this was a fantastic idea. Picture this your sitting around talking to friends about war gaming, painting, modeling and what not from the comfort of your home and your friends are all over the world! Cool huh. Thanks to Catattafish, if you have Ventrilo there is a world wide war gaming voice chat, don't have it no worries follow this Ventrilo Download link and join up. Server info is below.


Space Wolves

I've been curious about this release and for a long time haven't considered making a Space Marine army, I've owned a few tactical squads but I've never really played them. With this new release I'm considering maybe picking up a few tactical squads and painting them up Space Wolf colours. I like the idea of an in your face infantry based Space Marine army. The one thing thats really keeping me from really seriously investing in the army is the over the top models. Ahh, maybe I should just go with Blood Angels, we'll see.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Lost System Online Campaign is now Live!

Like playing 40k? Do you record your battle reports? Check out this online campaign its really interesting. You create you can submit your plants, your battle reports and they effect the progression of the story thats being put forth.

How To Play the Lost System Campaign
Hey all! i made a list of questions that will, when answered help you get to grips with the system of this campaign.

Q: What will need to join in?
A: You will need…
1) A Youtube Account
2) A 40k Army from 400 pts +
3) A opponent
4) A method of making video uploads
5) Registered member of the thelostsystem youtube group

Q: How do i post a battle?
A: Simple! just follow these easy steps…
1) Play a game of 40k (any points size with any expansion)
2) Record aVideo Battle Report of your game
3) Upload your video to your youtube account
4) Go on thelostsystem group and post the url of video on the Planet “topic” you wish the game to take place in
5) Done!

Q: My opponent/ gaming group doesn’t like their games slowed down by battle reports – does that mean i cant be involved?
A: Of course not! If that is the case, make a written battle report and just read it out onto a video – or come up with a more creative and entertaining way – aslong as the report is a video upload.

Q: I dont have regular opponent/ gaming group to play games with, does that mean i can’t be involved?
A: Wrong again! I dont want to exclude anyone, people who cant psyhically play games can still make a difference in the war, via the “Support System”..
This system works by sending a private message via youtube or email to the player you wish to support and myself (adamishyrwude@hotmail.co.uk) – this must be done before the player you wish to support plays his next game. Once the game is played that player must annouce on his battle report which players are supporting him (by youtube username) – if he wins the victory is multiplied by the amount of players supporting the victor..
For example: Adam is playing against Ian, Adam is supported by John, Ian is supported by David and Henry. Ian wins so instead of his victory counting for 1, it counts for 3 – well done Ian, David and Henry!!!
The principle is that a supporting player has to be savy and think hard about whats player to support in what situation – so enough tactics to keep you guys happy! Also if you wish to read out a narrative report of how your army supported the player – Brilliant!!!
However if i dont get a message alerting me of the support or i do and the player being supported doesnt – than the support doesnt count, sorry!

Q: Is there a limit to how many of my armies can be involved?
A: No, you can use as many different armies as you want, but please send me the background (adamishyrwude@hotmail.co.uk) so it can be put on this site.

Q: Can i create planets for the lost system?
A: Hell yeah you can!! Please just write your description to the same format as the surveys on this site and send them to me with your name so you can be credited for your hard work (adamishyrwude@hotmail.co.uk)

Q: Will this campaign progress?
A: Most definatly, roughly once a month i will make a video, explaining a overview of the current state of the war aswell as battle awards for players when they play their first game of the month.
Battle awards will be awarded for good solid victories, innovative tactics (in or lose) and brave and honourable defeats – basically do something that makes me (or other admins) think “WOW!” or “Nice one!” than your on good stead for a battle award. These awards will be one use special rules (ie: free stragtagems) – and you have 1 month to use them (i will notify players who run out of time) – when you use them you must annouce their involvement in a game at the begining of the report.
Right i think that is everything covered, if you have anymore questions, just ask away!
Adam Isherwood akasaviourzeroone (adamishyrwude@hotmail.co.uk)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Darby's Eldar Avatar

Hey all just testing out the macro video feature on my new camera. Omg this is amazing, being able to take close up videos like this has me really excited. This is also a pic taken with it. Incase you are curious the type of camera I am using is a Stylus 850 SW

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eldar 1700 Point List North Bay Oct Tournament 2009

Testing my new camera, that I picked up today so expect to see a lot more video battle reports. So here is the list I am thinking about taking to the North Bay tournament.

1700 point list

Farseer (jetbike runes of warding, fortune)
12 jetbikes (2 cannons, warlock, embolden)
10 guardians (shuriken cannon, wave serpent w/ EML, shuriken cannon, spirit stone)
10 guardians (shuriken cannon, wave serpent w/ EML, shuriken cannon, spirit stone)
3 vyper (scatter lasers)
fire prism (holofield, spirit stone)
fire prism (holofield, spirit stone)
falcon (EML holofield, spirit stone)
6 fire dragons (exarch, fire pike)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Arkay1a's Talking About Eldar

So here I was looking for a little info on how people use Wraith Guard to spice up the tactics for my Foot Slogging list when I came across Arkay1a. I was really impressed with his series Talking About Eldar.

This isn’t a small task so it’s inspiring to see someone jump in there and cover each unit with experience and detail as he has. Listening to other peoples opinions and uses for each unit is refreshing rather then reading over page upon page of forum banter and having to sift through so much nonsence. So when you have a moment please check out his channel and if you're as impressed as I was subscribe as well.

Foot Slogging Eldar 2

ok so things have not gone well with my attempts to make a foot slogging Eldar list. I think one of the big things is that I'm missing either war walkers or wraith lord.
  • Wraith lord are tough to kill and have some nice long range weapons
  • War walkers are cheap have long range weapons can be in a squadron and can outflank.
With this said I considered doing this as my last shot at a foot slogging Eldar list
  • Avatar
  • 5 Fire dragons
  • Farseer (runes of warding, spirit stone, doom, fortune)
  • 10 wraith guard (spirit seer, conceal, unit counts as troops)
  • 6 howling banshee (exarch, mirror swords, war shout)
  • 10 Dire avengers (exarch, defend, shimmer shield, power weapon)
  • 10 Dire avengers (exarch, defend, shimmer shield, power weapon)
  • 10 Pathfinder
  • 8 Warp Spider (exarch, withdraw, power blades, death spinner x2)

There were lots of recommendations to put guardians in and I can do that, mind you the recommendations for wraith lords or war walkers i can't yet. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Foot Slogging Eldar

okay, so I've been going to tournaments with my mech Eldar but this time I want to try a list with everyone on foot. Here is my rough list so far.

10 Dire avengers (exarch, defend, shimmer shield, power weapon)
10 Dire avengers (exarch, defend, shimmer shield, power weapon)
10 Pathfinder
10 wraith guard (spirit seer, conceal, unit counts as troops)
Autarch (scorpion chain sword, fusion gun, mandiblaster, warp spider jump pack)
8 Warp Spider (exarch, withdraw, power blades, death spinner x2)
5 Dark Reaper (exarch)

total 1695/1700

Here is the general idea, deploy the pathfinder close to the enemy deployment zone use them to kill troops or try and pop light tanks. Move the wraith guard with Eldrad fortuning them up to the enemy lines followed by the dire avengers. I want to try the warp spiders and autarch idea (of course the autarch staying alone after the assault movement). Dark reapers to help clean up any opened tanks.

What are your thoughts? How would you use these? Would you replace the dark reapers with striking scorpions? Should I use a normal farseer and not use Eldrad? Should I go for higher numbers on foot offering more kill points or stick with offering less kill points with higher cost units?

Sry the video was late, had some issues uploading =D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eldar Warp Spider & Autach Tactic

So my idea is that you get a group of 7+1 Warp Spiders and an autarch with a fusion gun and jump pack. This is a risky tactic to pull off. Deep strike the autarch behind a transport as well as the warp spiders and use the autarch to crack the tank and the spiders to clean up the disembarking troops. In the assault phase try and move the spiders and the autarch into coherency of each other so your hq cant be picked off easily. Rinse and repeat with the next transport or unit, followed up by assaulting them. I know there is some refinement needed but this it a thought I had. Let me know what you think :)

EDIT: Doh, ok looks like we can't have an independant character join back up with a unit during the assault phase as per page 48 of the rule book. The tactic will still work, you just can't have the two join up. Good catch Andrew & Elessar =D

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Game Summit Apocalypse 36k Battle

Good vs Bad and the bad guys won! We had such a blast, so many unit on the table we had to kill some to get more on =D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Aug 2009 Game Summit

Here are a few pics from the Game Summit. Keep an eye out for pics from the Midnight Apocalypse Battle, coming soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beasts of War: Deep Space Assault Console

Its a free to download sound generator that Beasts of War created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Space Hulk. Its a great addition for anyone that wants some background noise for their SpaceHulk game or any battle with nids and marines.