Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dark Eldar Test Battle

Hey all, I went over to Mitch's (Ottawa Gamer) to test out my Dark Eldar army out and see where I should build. We did a 1k point lists, Marines vs Dark Eldar, and the mission was capture and control and dawn of war was the deployment.

Deployment was one rhino and a squad of marines with my raider with warriors in it

The game progressed from there with the Dark Eldar advancing to meet the Marines on the right of the table. A few highlights from the battle were 2 raiders and the ravager were destroyed, the assault marines squished my Archon and his warrior squad. The warp beasts tore up a squad of assault marines and their chaplin with the help of the bikes. My wych squad was almost wiped out after jumping from their wrecked raider, the two remaining wych survived to hold up a 10 man marine squad for 2 turns alone ( thats like 4 assault phases damn). Here are some pics from the battle below. The game ended in my troops covering my objective were shot and ran off the board but my remaining raider zoomed up to contest Mitch's objective. What I learned from this battle is I want 2 more beasts, wyches and warriors. After lunch I totaly forgot to keep taking pics haha so the last two turns are missing :( Thanks for the great game Mitch!!

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