Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eldar Wraith Lord WIP

So here is my Wraith Lord WIP, its armed with two flamers, bright lance and an Eldar missile launcher. I'm still working out the new colours I want to go with for my Craftworld so he wont be painted for a little bit. I'm getting ready to repaint my entire army and rewrite the fluff as well. wish me luck.


  1. Looking good fox. My old Wraithlord has this load out. It seems quite effective but very common and alot of players will expect it. Is he your first Wraithlord? So what are you changing your craftworld to or is it a big secret?

  2. No changes so far. I had the old version, sold it off and always wanted to get a new one but never got around to it.

    Now I have a nice tank busting unit for a foot slogging list if I wanted :) Also I can make the apoc formation with the 2 wraith guard squads + wraith lord yada yada yada