Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Call of Locara

The Anasinia drifted quietly in the shadows of Ulthwe awaiting her Farseer to return from a meeting with the Craftworlds seer council. Krish’el stood emotionless as the order to leave the Craftworld was given. She understood the purpose and importance of her mission but detested the thought of leaving her quest unfinished. Turning the young Farseer left for her waveserpent feeling in her heart this was the right thing to do.

A short time later aboard the Anasinia, an Eldar eclipse cruiser, Krish’el met with her two closest generals. Sha'eil, he who strikes from the warp was the only Autarch aboard the cruiser and led the aspect warriors of the host. Anastari the cast out, once warlock of Saim Hann was rescued by the Anasinia’s Eldar when her bike unit was nearly wiped out. Now a Farseer she and the remainder of her unit joined their Uthwe kin to repay the debt. Realizing they may never return to Saim Hann for risk of being declared tainted, as many regard those from Ulthwe because of their proximity to the Eye of Terror.

Sha'eil was first to speak, “Are we free to continue our search?”

Krish’el shook her head, “No, we’ve been ordered to cease our efforts and move to an area of space the Mon-keigh call Locara.”

“Why, Locara?” Anastari asked as she looked to the table glancing over the webway map.

Sha'eil took Anastari’s hand and placed it over the map both felt their hands move as if drawn towards an area labeled in the tongue of the Mon-keigh, “Can you not feel the pull, as if something is calls us there?” Anastari looked shocked still new to her growing powers.

Sha'eil’s face grew grim, “The Mon-keigh are already there, as are many others. We need to answer this call and stop them from uncovering any of Locara’s secrets.” With little else said the three parted to prepare the crew for long journey.

This is my submission for the Locara Achievement 29. Mighter than the Sword.

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