Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heavy Support

Oh so my heavy support is as finished as best as I can with the time I have. The 24th tournament in North Bay is this weekend so I kinda went cheap-o with the paint job on the hull. I'll be doing the same with the 3 wave serpents. After the tournament I want to paint them all up like the turrets and add some free hand runes.


  1. Looking good man! So how long does it take you to get to north bay? I googled it to see if maybe me and the gf could drop in and watch but it seems quite the distance.
    I've just finished painting my GM list which is a god send. It means I now have 3 weeks to do all the fancy stuff on them and make a carrying base too.
    Have a good time at the tournament and I look forward to seeing the battle reports.

  2. Thanks, its about 2h north of Pembroke. I hope to get some pics and I'll be posting the results right after. Wishing ya the best of luck in the GM, sadly I will be out of town for that one. I was really wanting to go to it too.

  3. I like them. The paint scheme is good, and the little shield-emblem skull is a great touch.

    My unpainted Eldar are jealous.