Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Replacements

In my original list of units to repaint were my swooping hawks but I didn't have as much luck as I thought I would with them. It could be my play style or just the fact I wasn't aggressive enough with them. So what I've done is in my 1500 point list was replacing the swooping hawks with fire dragons and placing them in the wave serpent for the striking scorpions.

I'm going to try the list out tonight so we'll see how it goes. Look for a battle report in the near future.


  1. Looking good mate! one suggestion get the Exarch DBF with Crackshot. The twinlinked heavyflamer is just to good to pass up :).

    the models the self look amazing by the way !!

  2. I agree with both statements :)

  3. That is really cool. Thanks for sharing.