Monday, September 14, 2009

Foot Slogging Eldar

okay, so I've been going to tournaments with my mech Eldar but this time I want to try a list with everyone on foot. Here is my rough list so far.

10 Dire avengers (exarch, defend, shimmer shield, power weapon)
10 Dire avengers (exarch, defend, shimmer shield, power weapon)
10 Pathfinder
10 wraith guard (spirit seer, conceal, unit counts as troops)
Autarch (scorpion chain sword, fusion gun, mandiblaster, warp spider jump pack)
8 Warp Spider (exarch, withdraw, power blades, death spinner x2)
5 Dark Reaper (exarch)

total 1695/1700

Here is the general idea, deploy the pathfinder close to the enemy deployment zone use them to kill troops or try and pop light tanks. Move the wraith guard with Eldrad fortuning them up to the enemy lines followed by the dire avengers. I want to try the warp spiders and autarch idea (of course the autarch staying alone after the assault movement). Dark reapers to help clean up any opened tanks.

What are your thoughts? How would you use these? Would you replace the dark reapers with striking scorpions? Should I use a normal farseer and not use Eldrad? Should I go for higher numbers on foot offering more kill points or stick with offering less kill points with higher cost units?

Sry the video was late, had some issues uploading =D


  1. You haven't given numbers on Spiders and Reapers, I assume full size?

    It looks okay, but I would be concerned at your lack of ranged anti-tank...I don't think Reapers cut it for this role. Consider Chimeras as to why.

  2. think scorpions would be a good replacement for the dark reapers?