Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eldar Warp Spider & Autach Tactic

So my idea is that you get a group of 7+1 Warp Spiders and an autarch with a fusion gun and jump pack. This is a risky tactic to pull off. Deep strike the autarch behind a transport as well as the warp spiders and use the autarch to crack the tank and the spiders to clean up the disembarking troops. In the assault phase try and move the spiders and the autarch into coherency of each other so your hq cant be picked off easily. Rinse and repeat with the next transport or unit, followed up by assaulting them. I know there is some refinement needed but this it a thought I had. Let me know what you think :)

EDIT: Doh, ok looks like we can't have an independant character join back up with a unit during the assault phase as per page 48 of the rule book. The tactic will still work, you just can't have the two join up. Good catch Andrew & Elessar =D


  1. Sadly, illegal. You can only join/leave a unit as an IC in the Move Phase. Sorry... :(

  2. so true I just reread page 48, everything will still work except for the Autarch joining back up. Tks for the comment =D

  3. lol

    It's no problem, although, if the edit is a reference to me, my name isn't Andrew. ;)

    Personally I think the tactic is slightly better as just the Autarch dropping, and trying to Prism what falls out...but then it's just something the Tau have been doing best for 3 Editions...It's a shame. Obviously, against low save foes (Orks in particular) this tactic could be game-winning.

  4. Sry Elessar, Andrew pointed it out on the video a bit earlier but I'll post you up there two. :)

    Thats a good idea about the prism my only worry is it gets shaken, I may try it though. A prism may not fit totally in the list I'm working I'm trying to see if I can make a competitive list with everyone on foot. Keep an eye out for the list I'm posting and look forward to your opinions. tks again :)