Monday, August 2, 2010

1500 points of Eldar + 1 Month = Tournament Read Army

Here is a video of the progress I did over a month of painting. Again I have been mentioning I was working a lot during this time bit it really impacted the amount of painting I was able to do. I didn't really mention this but I really should, it took me a good year to finally decide on this simple colour scheme :D

1 x Autarch
8 x Scorpions
8 x Spiders
20 x Guardians
5 x Hawks
3 x Wave Serpents
2 x Prism
1 x Night Spinner
1 x Display board


  1. Very Different, I must say but I like it.

  2. looks awesome! great job! i may decide to paint my prism like yours, not the same colors, just the lines.

  3. Thanks for the great feedback :D