Thursday, August 26, 2010

First try at Table Worthy Terrain

Hey all, here is my first try at terrain with a common theme. Maybe now I won't cringe when taking pics haha. It's much better then random pieces of foam and plastic. I wanted to share them with all of you. It's made up of xmas decorations picked up for $1.99 in the off season section of department stores, barker tile samples, sand and extra paint I found when I bought my house. So this little project only cost me about $20 or so. I'm making this for a future table I want to make. I've been given some great ideas with adding some extra colours, static grass and flock. If any of you hvae some ideas on making this a little better pls let me know.


  1. That looks fantastic - i was pretty lazy with mine but this has definitely inspired me to go back and redo them :P

  2. This is the lazy person terrain lol. It took very little time to make :) the paint is just base black, some brown paint and a dry brushing of a cream coloured paint. Done :D